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Welcome To Ram Country!

2017 Cleveland Rams Sponsorships

You can help CPWA with sponsorships!  With each sponsorship your that your child sells they will receive half of the sponsorship back in their account for fundraising and registration costs for this year or next!  For any questions that you may have please contact Mr. James Lagois, Vice Commissioner, CPW at


8/1/2017  Jennifer Martinez $50.00

8/2/2017 Latanya Dupree $25.00 

8/3/2017  Heather Mills  $25.00 

8/4/2017 Christian Benvenuto $25.00 

8/5/2017  Sanda Allen $75.00

8/6/2017  Kerri/Anchor Disposal  $100.00 

8/7/2017  Jeff McNeese $25.00

8/8/2017  Kerri/Anchor Disposal  $25.00 

8/9/2017  Brandy Carlson $25.00

8/10/2017 Jerry Poole $25.00

8/11/2017  Pricilla Roberts  $25.00 for winner and $25 .00 for seller Amber Roberts 

8/12/2017 Ron Pettit $75.00

8/13/2017 Shen Stone $25.00 for winner /$25.00 for seller 

8/14/2017 Robert Joyner 25.00 

8/15/2017 Michael Spence  $75.00

Vacant Board Positions

We would like to announce that we have two Football Board positions currently vacant.  You can review both position descriptions under the Board Members link in the Home Tab. We also have a vacant cheer position which is the Assistant Cheer Director.  

These positions include:

Assistant Cheer Director 

Concessions Director

Advertising and Special Projects Director

If you are interested in these positions please email,

Check out our Cheer Leaders in Action!

Board Meetings

CPWA Board Meetings are held monthly on the 3rd Wednesday of the Month (Subject to change due to conflicts).

All parents and coaches are welcome to attend CPW board meetings.  If a parent or coach would like to address a certain topic during the meeting, you must email the commissioner at at least 24 hours in advance to ensure your item is added to the agenda.



2017 season starts in...