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CPWA Weather Policy

Cleveland Pop Warner Weather Policy

Inclement Weather

Our first priority in any weather-related decision is our athletes’ safety. Our goal is always to practice/play through any weather conditions (including rain and short periods of heavy rain), however, if weather forecasts, field & driving conditions jeopardize our players’ safety, we will cancel. CPWA’s Program Directors (Football & Cheer Directors) make the final decision on whether the conditions are safe or not to practice.  A designated Board member will make this decision in absence of our Program Directors.  On game days, our parent organization (Consolidated Football Federation, CFF), the high school (Cleveland High School) and away game sites also have the authority to cancel games without input from us.

Inclement Weather Policy

Cleveland Pop Warner Association reserves the right to cancel/postpone practice when our athletes’ safety is at risk. Reasons for cancellation may include:

  • High temperatures (CFF also has authority to cancel league wide due to high temperatures / high index temperatures)
    • Based on the temperature and humidity
  • Severe weather warnings / Sustained Heavy Rain
    • If lightning is close, the game or practice will be suspended and we will ask that our athletes return to vehicles with their parents and wait for the final decision about practice.  Games and/or practices may resume 30 min after the last nearby lightning strike.
    • We will generally follow the 30/30 rule for lightning.
      • Time between seeing the flash of lightning and hearing the thunder is less than 30 seconds
  • Tornado warnings
  • High wind warnings
  • Unsafe field conditions
  • Freezing temperatures

Inclement Weather Communication - It’s highly recommended that you connect with CPWA on Facebook regarding weather related communication.  Weather related communications, in most cases, are generally posted on Facebook first before other forms of communication as applicable.

Our goal is to communicate cancellations, originating from CPWA, as soon as a decision is made and we strive to make a decision between 5:00 - 5:30 pm during the week.  We often wait until this time in hopes conditions will improve to allow us to practice.  Always plan and prepare for practice unless you receive communication from us!  Please understand that the unpredictability of weather exists and this will not be perfect.  We kindly ask for your patience and understanding, especially if cancellations do not originate from CPWA.

NOTICE: We will strive to do our best to communicate cancellations on Saturdays as soon as we get them.  CPWA does not have the same control of cancellation at other sites including the high school.  Please be prepared and anticipate last minute cancellations and game day site relocation at the last minute.  A game day site may change while en route and/or after arrival to the originally scheduled game site.